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What is a Website Audit and Why Do I Need It?

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If you have a business, there are at least two possible representations of it: your physical store and your virtual site. Your physical location is what everybody calls your brick-and-mortar site established on the ground where your products and services may be experienced through any of the five senses prior to purchase. Your virtual site is what everybody calls your website established on the Web where your products and services are presented visually but may be experienced only after a purchase.

As the Internet gets more embedded in our human consciousness, more businesses are opting to maintain the website as the main access channel, with the physical site serving as a support facility. This being the case, the website therefore becomes the principal instrument for achieving overall business objectives. Hence, the question:

Is your website effective and successful?

In all practicality, the answer to this question is easy and simple as it is: if you are achieving your objectives, you must have an effective and successful website.

To get to a more dynamic mode of analyzing your business process, the more challenging questions to ask are: How effective and successful is your website? How much more do you want it to be?

These questions put us into an exploratory mode of the origin of our business results, good or bad. As expected, our inquiry will lead us to examine how we execute such parameters and initiatives as search engine optimization as well as the other things we do to enable user interfaces (UI) and manage user experiences (UX). These examinations are what we term as SEO audit, UX audit and UI audit, among other investigations, which we expect to provide an insight on our website’s design, contents and overall configuration.

seo audit

SEO audit refers to everything that relates to your website’s search visibility. You can either do this audit yourself as there are many audit tools which can generate this desired information for you by just supplying your website address.

Audit tools will help you with information about:

  • SEO
  • Internal Broken links
  • High quality link opportunities
  • Web content
  • Website architecture
  • Loading speed
  • Credibility
  • Functionality
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Meta data
  • Social signals
  • Page errors

Just remember that, while there are many such audit tools, nothing in reality is free in the final reckoning. You either pay in equivalent value or pay in experience and missed opportunities.

Benefits of an audit

Whether your website is performing satisfactorily or not, you need a website audit if you have not had one in the last three months. An audit can help you identify your website’s weakness, pages that do not work well towards conversion, and possibly pinpoint areas of diminishing advantage. Certainly, a website audit should help you

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Improve conversions
  • Generate more revenues

If you engage the experts in professional website audit, the value to you comes in the form of unbiased, objective, honest evaluation of your website and its configuration.

Contact us today to get a proficient FREE website audit.

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