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Top Renewable Energy Logos 2018


FERC’s most recent Energy Infrastructure Update showed that in the first three months of this year, renewable energy comprised nearly 95% of new power-generating capacity. Renewable energy will be big business this year and we’re on the lookout for great renewable energy logos. 

The cost of burning fossil fuels

A new study by the International Monetary Fund puts the total cost of fossil fuel subsidies at approximately US $10 million a minute globally. 

The most perverse of these subsidies are aimed at finding new reserves of oil, gas and coal. Although it is generally understood that these must be left in the ground if we are to avoid irreversible climate change.

And yet there are some startup heroes, of sorts.

Heroes choosing to go where few have gone by leading advances in low footprint, sustainable energy generation, storage and distribution.


Renewables startups are creating the renewable future

Startups in the energy sector are leading the way into a new era of sustainable and renewable energy and storage. They are often aiming to help those parts of the world that lack easy access to energy. Additionally, these startups are trying to mitigate pollution in certain areas.

And there are quite a few.

For example: Britain’s output from wind, biomass, solar and hydro grew by more than a quarter last year to 96 terrawatt hours of power. 96 Twh could have powered Britain for the whole of 1958.

We love to celebrate greatness.

In our ongoing quest to celebrate greatness we believe that these select companies have well-crafted renewable energy logos that are suited snugly with their startup characteristics.

Here are the top 5 UK startups in the field of green energy.  

Some of these renewable energy logos have stand alone fonts, logo marks, logo types, and colours that overtime can be simplified. This means they have the makings of timeless logos (see 7 actionable tips to create a timeless logo)


Top renewable energy logos

H2GO Power

H2GO Power is a company that develops hydrogen energy storage. They see the future energy crisis not centring around energy generation but around energy storage.

h2go power logo

Origami Energy

Origami Energy seeks to create a real-time marketplace to distribute energy. The logo is simple, using the classic origami symbol in flat 3d. 


Oxford PV

Oxford PV claims it can boost the efficiency of commercial silicon solar panels by almost a third. Infact, this is the fastest ever efficiency increase in solar technology since photovoltaic properties were first tested in 2009.

oxford pv logo

SEaB Energy

SEaB energy turns a neighbourhood or business into its own power plant with closed-loop systems. The systems, which fit into a shipping container, generate electricity and heat that are sent to a microgrid to be shared between neighbours.

seab energy logo

Upside Energy 

The Upside Energy logo has multiple hidden meanings. The Sun, lightening bolt (Zeus reference) and it shows the company has power as it strikes through the small ‘a’. They are a company that helps people make smart choices about their energy use by using AI to orchestrate the energy stored in their devices. Upside Energy has developed a cloud services that aggregates energy stored in systems already owned by people and businesses to create a virtual energy store.

upside energy logo

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