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The 2017 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK

The 2017 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK by

In an earlier post, we produced and released the 2017 Top Startup Logos in the UK drawing reference from the 2017 Startups 100, the list culled by, an independent online resource company in the UK. is considered as the longest running online advice platform for business in the country. It started the Top 100 search series in 2008. Their ranking is based on a scoring system that puts together volume turnover, profits, number of employees, innovations introduced, and future potential, among other factors.

We focused on that list’ Top 20 companies and proceeded to evaluate the companies’ logos, strong on the premise that these select companies may have been utilising well-crafted logos that suited snugly with their more defined startup characteristics. To ensure that the field was well covered, we sought other startups that were on equal footing with the selection, and found but one Europas awardee, Transferwise, which was declared as Europe’s No. 1 Startup in another recognition setting.

Some of these logos have stand alone fonts, logo marks, logo types, and colours that overtime can be simplified. This means they have the makings of timeless logos (see 7 actionable tips to create a timeless logo)

Criteria for the 2017 Top Ten Logos

The 2017 Top Ten Startup Logos selection was based on two identified qualities of great logos: simplicity and uniqueness. While recognising that there are other elements that go with great logo design such as versatility, timelessness, appropriateness, recall-ability and professional execution, these other qualities are presumed to be evolving with time. Simplicity and uniqueness, however, are characteristics that are readily visible and can be gauged at any time or even right from the inception of design.

We rated the logos for a maximum of 10 for simplicity and 10 for uniqueness, and the score we got is what we used to rank them into the Top Ten Logos for the period.

Here are the 2016 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK:

The 2016 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK

  1. www.purplebricks.compurple bricks logo No.1 in Startups 100. A round- the-clock online property platform. Booking done in 45 mins. Definitely simple but unique logo design. No mistaking its story.                                                    Score: 10.0deliveroo logo
  2. No. 3 in Startups 100. An international restaurant delivery service. Your favourite food at your door in an hour. Brilliant logo design, simple but tells its story. Score: 9.0
  3. logo. No. 2 in Startups 100. A recipe fresh food delivery service in the UK, envisioned alternative to supermarkets. Very simple and unique logo design but evoking palatable                                                                experience. Score: 8.9
  4. transferwise.comtransfer wise logo. Europe’s No. 1 Startup Awardee. An international money transfer service offering an exchange at the real exact rate. Very simple but elegant logo design. Unique graphic and font combination. Score: 8.8
  5. cloud logo. No. 4 in Startups 100. An international currency transfer platform using cloud technology. Very simple but impressive and unique logo design. Score: 8.6
  6. cleaning logo. No. 6 in Startups 100. An online cleaning platform for £10 per hour, connecting users and cleaners in 60 secs. Simple but brilliant design: turning a problem up. Score: 8.2
  7. www.realitymine.comreality mine logo. No. 8 in the Startups 100. A big data analytics company that helps business understand their customers’ behaviour. Very adept use of graphics and logo fonts. Score: 8.0clearabee logo
  8. No. 18 in Startups 100. The logo clearly reflects its business. Elegant us of fonts and bee symbol to tell its story. Simple and unique. Score: 7.9
  9. www.moveguides.commove guides logo. No. 15 in Startups 100. A global cloud- based HR staffing solution, focused on staff movements. Brilliant combination of graphics and fonts to reflect the business core. Simple and unique. Score 7.8
  10. www.PowerLinks.compwerlinks logo. No. 14 in Startups 100. A native advertising platform, focusing on affiliate advertising. The symbol depicts it all: the round network icon side by side with the                                                               company name in power font. Score: 7.6

Subjective Ranking

This ranking of the top ten logos were based solely on the author’s subjective appreciation of the logo designs as they impact visually. It is generally accepted that a company’s performance in the initial years is derived from its ability to validate its offerings. If this happens, the initial success of the company rubs on its marketing vehicles such as its logo. That’s when the logo begins to have a life of its own and exerts an influence on the company’s overall productivity.

But that is not to say that the logo can be set aside in the initial years. For all we know, those investments and funding may have been attracted by the presence of an appropriately executed logo. Besides, the logo has to be institutionalise from the start of operation if it is expected to represent the corporate brand that will be created.

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The 2017 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK The 2017 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK by In an earlier post, we produced and released the 2017 Top Startup Logos in the UK drawing reference from the ...
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