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Why Rules and Metrics Matter in Web Design

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True, the effectiveness of a web design is gleaned through the results generated from the website when it is up in the Web, but the real accurate indicator or determinant of the website’s success and effectiveness can only be seen in the website metrics. Metrics are those figures that show how different assets and facilities perform, as the website is laid open for visiting by the users.

You just laid out the final touches and punctuation on your new website, and you are extremely excited to see it online.

If your design was done by a professional web developer or designer and you did not scrimp on resources but instead gave in all the way to the needs and requirements of a responsive web design, then you can take your time and watch how your site’s assets and facilities will play out when it goes up operationally.

The Results Measure
How would you know that your design is successful?

Actually, the answer is very easy. It is all reflected in the results you are aiming for, so if you aimed for more sales, sales performance is your measure of your success. “Sales” is thus a metric. If you are satisfied with the volume, it means the design must be good; if sales are bad, you can look for another word that will describe your design.

Perhaps it is not meant to be a simplistic question. Perhaps, what we really meant to ask was “how can we make the design more effective and successful”? Accepting and settling for the results will just put us to a sudden stop, but if we go to the metrics, there is where the answer lies on what to do to make the website draw more visits, generate more sign ups, increase conversion rates, and finally generate more sales.

If you have a website that is not performing as you expected, a redesign may be all that is needed. But before you take the plunge and go right away to adopt those flashy web designs presented to you, take a moment to think through your website metrics and see which ones are really positioned to give you the results you want.

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Rules Reviewed

Here are some of the critical areas that must be reassessed when you begin to take your new web redesign to the table:

  1. Simple, usable, easy to understand contents. A simple content audit should tell you if the contents in your web pages such as copies, articles, posts, images and files are making it easy for visitors to get led to the call to action. Check your landing page and see if this page is good enough to respond to the 3-second rule.
  2. Visual impact. Your landing page is the first point of contact between your website and the customer. It is an instantaneous interface where the visitor is treated to that instant exposure that will tell him whether to proceed or not. Overall simplicity, coordination of colors and point of focus are significant elements for consideration.
  3. Responsive web design. Your website must be designed for a purpose, and that purpose has everything to do with the customer. Since customers are now using mobile phones most of the time, your website has to be able to meet the specific configuration of a smartphone, otherwise visitors get only to the attempt part of their inquiry.
  4. Navigability and speed. We’re looking here at assets that contribute tremendously to keeping the customers glued to the site the moment they hit the landing page. Design has a lot of explaining to do if the metrics would show high bounce rates!

There are other ways site performance can be improved if we will only track and monitor the different metrics. What’s important is that we are now exhibiting this new consciousness on the criticalness of metrics as measuring mechanisms.

How well are your metrics measuring up to your end results?

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