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Ultimate 7 Steps To Reducing Website Bounce Rates

Reduce Your Website Bounce Rates Today

Boom! new visitor lands on your website, Bow! the visitor leaves!


You’ve ONLY GOT 3-Seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your webpage.

Believe in the the 3-second rule or get the spoils of high bounce rates.

A website should be purposefully designed to combat low attention spans.

If a website doesn’t grab attention and immediately affirm what benefit it provides, its bounce rates will be high.

The visitor lost equals lost revenue.

Why The 3- Second Rule Is Losing You Money!

The rule says you need to catch a site visitor’s attention within 3 seconds of landing on your site or you’ll lose them!

Research studies on visitor conversion rates have consistently proven this rule. The 3-second safe distance to crash in driving is likely where the rule stems from.

Alternatively, the 3-second chance to snap dropped food to avoid germs in dining.

five second food rule animation

First impressions last!

Here’s the Deal:

The website has now become the only visual representation of many businesses. This means that the website has become the key channel for product and service distribution in most businesses.

What showrooms and receptions used to do is now the primary role of the landing page or the home page.

That’s why it’s imperative that the design of your website be purposeful and must seriously consider the 3-second rule.

The grand purpose of a business is customer satisfaction leading to profits. Positive user experience of the products and services LEAD to customer satisfaction.

Landing pages should keep visitors engaged and happy throughout the online buying process.


How Can You Actually Use This?

We will use our design below as a casestudy.

The design grabs attention, immediately splits visitors with a call to action, informs quickly what the website does and guides their attention.

HLW’s awards was put so high as it provides social proof that aids the decision to buy or contact the company.

Purposeful Website page

 Assuming The Reasons for Website Visit Can Pay!

Since a visitor can either be a prospective customer or a repeat customer, we can assume that visitors come to your site to:

  • Know more about the product or service or company
  • Make an inquiry
  • Ask for a quotation or
  • Place an order.

And certainly, the landing page cannot achieve all these single-handedly. The website can  take the visitor’s hand and help them get what they wants in a very pleasing and non-threatening way.

The website takes the role of what a good sales person would do in the physical showroom.

What Should Happen in 3 Seconds? – 7 steps to reduce bounce rates

Online sales are not complete in 3 seconds

But we can set the sale up strategically.

Here are some pointers on how to use the 3-second rule in designing your website. Particularly on how to grab visitor attention, keep them glued to the rest of the pages and how to gradually lead them to purchase.

Our guide follows the ever-useful marketing communication sequence: attention, interest, desire and action.

7 Key Steps

  1. Fast loading time.
    1. You may not have control of the visitor’s broadband capacity, but you have control over your site’s loading time. The 3 seconds starts with the opening of your site to a click of your url.
    2. Use Google’s pagespeed tool – click here google's pagespeed tool
  2. Simple, unique, attractive design.
    1. The landing page is the first actual exposure and experience of the visitor of your site.  For example, studies have shown that designs that are not cluttered or elaborate, but simple yet attractive and appealing to the eye get positive responses. Since the page is a visual communication, color and images must be chosen appropriately to fit the product or service.great landing page example
  3. Simple but unique logo.
    1. One of the first, if not the first, items that the eyes set focus on is the logo which is generally positioned at the upper left hand corner of the page. If your visitor accumulates positive experiences of your products and services, these will eventually embed in the logo. That is how successful logos become eventual brand carriers.
    2. In face, read our article on timeless logos landing page design example

The best part is…

  1. Crisp, catchy, captivating headline.
    1. Remembering that you are communicating to your intended market, your headline must capture the attention of your visitors. Therefore, what better bait to hoist to them than something that concerns or benefits them. The headline must be a subtle invitation to find out more.
  2. Web contents.
    1. The copy that supports your headline must be good enough to tickle the visitor’s mind to want to know more about the solution or how to acquire it or how much it costs.
  3. Easy, convenient navigation.
    1. The landing page has to have an instant road map to all the major pages of the site.
  1. Call to action.
    1. The landing pages should have conveniently located call-to-action buttons which can easily be clicked as the visitor wishes. In addition, many call-to-action buttons may be needed, such as applying for membership in newsletter, asking for a quote, placing an order or call for a chat.

Another case study example

Notably, upon entering, the visitor is immediately treated to a search window under the headline  in a clear effort to offer assistance. The color coordinates have been suitably adapted to the colour of nature

Navigation bar is located conspicuously to enable the visitor to access topics of their choice.

On top of the page is a call-to-action button ready to accommodate the visitor any moment he decides to place an order.

tree of life website

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