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What is a Website Audit and Why Do I Need It?

seo ux

If you have a business, there are at least two possible representations of it: your physical store and your virtual site. Your physical location is what everybody calls your brick-and-mortar site established on the ground where your products and services may be experienced through any of the five senses prior to purchase. Your virtual site is what everybody calls your website established on the Web where your products and services are presented visually but may be experienced only after a purchase.

As the Internet gets more embedded in our human consciousness, more businesses are opting to maintain the website as the main access channel, with the physical site serving as a support facility. This being the case, the website therefore becomes the principal instrument for achieving overall business objectives. Hence, the question:

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Actionable Tips for Researching the Right Buyer Persona

researching buyer persona

Whatever business you’re in, whether it is a product or a service, you have a person whom you are targeting and you call this person your prospective buyer or prospective customer. As soon as this person adopts your proposition, he drops the “prospective” description and  graduates to the title of buyer or customer.

The Buyer’s Silhouette
Buyer persona is the characterization of your prospective buyer into a high-resolution high-definition silhouette so that your marketing and sales efforts are not wasted on prospective customers who have no need for your product or service but conversely maximized to zero in on those who are potential users.

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Why Rules and Metrics Matter in Web Design

web design meeting

True, the effectiveness of a web design is gleaned through the results generated from the website when it is up in the Web, but the real accurate indicator or determinant of the website’s success and effectiveness can only be seen in the website metrics. Metrics are those figures that show how different assets and facilities perform, as the website is laid open for visiting by the users.

You just laid out the final touches and punctuation on your new website, and you are extremely excited to see it online.

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Leverage the Power of Organic Search

organic search traffic

There is no better traffic than Organic search traffic!

Would you agree?

Organic search refers to the action of searching for information using search engines.

The results generated by the organic search is known as organic search results, as distinguished from paid results generated for ads..

If the user clicks on your result, this means an organic visit was made.

Free Traffic!

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Responsive Web Design – The Why and The How

responsive web design

The purpose of your website’s design is to create substantial positive, enticing, satisfying experiences for your visitors to induce them to try out your product or service offerings. If you are like most businesses, your website was laid initially designed to look good on a desktop or laptop, since smartphone usage began to rise only in the last few years.


Smartphones are the future of web

Statistics indicate that of the more than 3.37 Billion Internet users as of end of 2015, some 1.86 Billion (or around 55%) are smartphone users. At the rate these gadgets are being consumed, it is just a matter of time that smartphones will overtake, if they have not overtaken, PC and desktop users.

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Ultimate 7 Steps To Reducing Website Bounce Rates

Reduce Your Website Bounce Rates Today

Boom! new visitor lands on your website, Bow! the visitor leaves!


You’ve ONLY GOT 3-Seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your webpage.

Believe in the the 3-second rule or get the spoils of high bounce rates.

A website should be purposefully designed to combat low attention spans.

If a website doesn’t grab attention and immediately affirm what benefit it provides, its bounce rates will be high.

The visitor lost equals lost revenue.

Why The 3- Second Rule Is Losing You Money!

The rule says you need to catch a site visitor’s attention within 3 seconds of landing on your site or you’ll lose them!

Research studies on visitor conversion rates have consistently proven this rule. The 3-second safe distance to crash in driving is likely where the rule stems from.

Alternatively, the 3-second chance to snap dropped food to avoid germs in dining.

five second food rule animation

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Our Steps To Perfecting A Brand

perfecting a church brand landing page

Perfecting a Brand

Perfecting a brand is key to client satisfaction. Helping the client bring their vision to life whilst exceeding their expectation aids to building a great reputation as a design company.

We were commissioned by Love Of Christ Generation Church C.S to create their branding. They wanted a brand that had mass appeal, was clean, meaningful, invoked the emotions of love, wealth, family and peace. They initially had no idea of creative direction but we love a challenge.

As requested, we came up with 5 initial concepts working very closely with the client (see how to create a timeless logo). A favourite was chosen and we kept making changes until the details were perfect. See the steps we took in perfecting the Love Of Christ branding.

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Is Your Design Purposeful?

Make your design Purposeful

Purposeful Design

ALL, yes all designs should be purposeful.

Think about it.

Purpose is a reason for being. So all designs should be purposeful! Right.

The purpose of a design is to serve as a visual representation of your goals, ideals, aim, company and everything that it represents.

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The 2017 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK

The 2017 Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK by

In an earlier post, we produced and released the 2017 Top Startup Logos in the UK drawing reference from the 2017 Startups 100, the list culled by, an independent online resource company in the UK. is considered as the longest running online advice platform for business in the country. It started the Top 100 search series in 2008. Their ranking is based on a scoring system that puts together volume turnover, profits, number of employees, innovations introduced, and future potential, among other factors.

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How to create a timeless logo

ThFuture Of LOGO Design

In an era defined by fleeting attention spans and an increasing need to build meaningful relationships between companies and their customers, designing a timeless logo has always been a pivotal opportunity for brands to attract new customers.

A good logo can be of any shape or size, can be a Logotype (text-based logo) or it can be a Logomark (Icon-based logo, with possible text). What it must have, though, is a style and presentation that fits the company’s image.

Does the company require a Logotype, or it can be a Logomark, or a combination of both?


Google Nasa Coca Cola Disney Logo Types

LogoType of Google, Nasa, CocaCola and Disney

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