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Marketing Automation – A Beginner’s Guide

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Is marketing automation suitable for your business?

To enable us to find an answer, let’s have a quick run-through of what automation does to business.

Every business in the modern times is automated in a way with the use of computers. The machine is used to do tasks that are repetitive and data-rich, tasks which will require more hands and minds to handle, such as attendance, payroll, reports and other data-based documents.

What Is Marketing Automation?

The basic concept behind automation is to provide a system or technique of executing or controlling processes that are usually repetitive or voluminous by employing highly automatic means such as an electronic device or computer.

Marketing automation is putting certain activities in marketing, specifically recurrent or large-volume activities, to operate in such automatic mode. The aim of such automation is not to replace human hands but to increase work reliability and efficiency. An example of a task that is repetitive and voluminous is the typing and sending of emails to targeted recipients.

How relevant and useful is marketing automation?

Every business desires good results. If production is being automated for its iterative nature, some tasks in marketing can be streamlined in the same way and must be ready at any time to automate to maximize the output from its distribution channels.

Of course, results will not come without any effort, and every marketer knows that the sales will happen only if the targeted market is led to the mouth of the marketing’s conversion funnel through well-crafted strategies.

Serenading the Customer

From there, the active serenading of the prospective customer begins. Generally, it is in these marketing areas that automation would be most needed, here where traffic is driven to the website, then converted into leads, then further converted into buying customers.

Marketing automation will thus be very valuable in email campaigns, sales tracking, inbound or content marketing, lead generation, visitor conversion and almost every facet of that sales conversion funnel.

marketing automation email campiagns

Strategic Time

When the iterative components of a marketing activity are captured in digital form, precious time is freed which can now be devoted to doing strategic work instead of just doing repetitive tasks to keep up with the volume. More focus may now be given to developing better ways of responding to customers, or delivering better contents.

Or improving after-sales results. One example of a touch point is after a customer has bought a product. Some after-sales questions that would seek to cajole the customer:

  1. How did you find our product?
  2. How else can we improve our product and our services?

Essentially, marketing automation evolves not just a more comfortable way of doing things but an operating technique to get more effective results in the most efficient way. It is a productivity tool, and being such, it should be improving results.

But as easy as that statement seems to portray, be warned that automation is not passing on a repetitive set of activities such as an email campaign or an email blast to a computer software.

Sufficient analysis must be made for every step that involves an interface with the customer. Such customer touch points can be designed to create very positive user experiences and sustain the customer’s interest enough for him to get his card out and pay.

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