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Is Your Design Purposeful?

Make your design Purposeful

Purposeful Design

ALL, yes all designs should be purposeful.

Think about it.

Purpose is a reason for being. So all designs should be purposeful! Right.

The purpose of a design is to serve as a visual representation of your goals, ideals, aim, company and everything that it represents.

For example, the purpose of a logo is to be the symbol of a business in graphic form.

It is the face of a company. It defines a business at a glance.

 startteck logo design for east london employablity

Logo Design By StartTeck

The essence of a new logo is simply the type, quality and the feelings it evokes.

If a design is a purposeful design, it attracts and captures attention.

Attention coupled with a businesses value aids long term brand loyalty.

For example, one of Coca Cola’s business values is uniting people. The interlocking of the logo’s font, soft tone and spacing shows unity. Additionally Coca Cola’s values reinforces the design.


Purposeful logo designs

Having the purpose attached to a logo to be one that is envisioned from the outset shows that the individuals care about their company.

But here is the catch…

The likelihood that the associated with purpose and perception will happen is greater if the logo design is purposeful from the outset.

A purposeful designed logo from the beginning is  MUST!

smart goals for logo design

If the purpose of a website is to optimise sales; then, it must be designed to inform, retain and guide visitors step by step through the buying process.

This cannot be left to chance.

Similarly, a logo should not be obtained just to fill a vacant space in the letterhead or at that prominent corner of a website.

There must be a reason or purpose for your logo. Make the purpose SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Once the purpose is identified, it makes it so much easier for your designer to come up with a logo design that will live up to your vision.

If you logo shows the vision for your company and this vision is validated by the experience of your customers, that’s a win win.

That is how most successful companies like Apple, Starbucks & Nike  nurtured their brand image.

purposeful design logos like apple, starbucks and nike

How to Design Purposefully, logos

Purposeful design is deliberate, purpose-directed, goal-oriented, intentioned design

If we have a vision of a certain brand image for our company, we need to design our products and services to be experienced by our customers in that sense.

First, set out what makes your company your company.

Understand the purpose of your business, the vision-mission, the target audience, corporate goals,  and how you want it to be perceived.


Next, you need to have a conviction of what makes a great logo;

  • Simple
  • Versatile
  • Unique
  • Appropriate
  • Recallable
  • Timeless

Next, we need to engage a professional designer to execute our logo design (choose StartTeck…shameless plug).

It is wise to have somebody who has undertaken the necessary studies and training to do your logo design, considering the value and role we are attaching to this corporate asset.

A purposeful design should go through a design process which proceeds from the brief where the purpose of the business and the engagement is defined.

The next steps will be research, ideation, sketch-up, design development, initial presentation, revisions, final choice, and delivery.

Live a purposeful life, and make your designs are purposeful too.

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