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How Startteck created the EngageFirst Health Brand

This blog post will walk you through the step-by-step process that we used to bring the EngageHealth brand to life, starting from the very beginning.

A lady from New York who wanted to bring her Healthtech start-up to life approached Startteck. She wanted a brand that will be memorable and trustworthy amongst doctors and patients with a symbol that could be used as an icon.

We came up with 4 initial concepts for the brand image, icon, colours, font spacing all of which has its own story.



The first logo plays on the cross representing health along with a bulls eye target show that the brand is on the right path of health. The second had the E and the F inside one another with the health sign as a health symbol in superscript so show its importance to the nth degree. The third logo was a play on the letters E and F whilst maintaining the health cross superimposed together to give a eye catching icon. The fourth logo was a simple icon that means put health first with the 1st and health cross superimposed.

The client decided on the second logo with feedback to make the F more prominent. The symbol now had a better feel to it.

Profle-image_transparent-bg (1)


Once the logo was complete and the client was happy, we went on to create the  full branding including business cards, letter heads and social media headers.

branding by startteck

Facebook-cover (1)


(FaceBook banner)

Once that was complete we finished off with the landing page for a very satisfied client. The landing page mimics the colours of the logo with the background image having a taint of light blue to green following the same pattern of the logo.



Find out more at Startteck.com

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