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Hidden Meanings Behind Our Logo Designs

Hidden Meanings Behind StartTeck’s Logo Designs.

We believe each logo should tell a story, either a conscious one or a subconscious one. These stories can be understood as insider secrets once explained or the logo triggers a response in the viewer.

For example, the hidden meaning behind the Nike logo is a story and a double meaning. When you see the Nike logo you notice the famous Swoosh. The swoosh could potentially trigger certain associations in our brains.

Nike logo meaning

nike logo history and progression

By nature, our brains constantly makes associations when recalling or making sense of new stimuli. The new stimuli could be associated to a past memories and thus bring up the associated emotions or feelings. The Nike logo can easily be associated to symbol for correct, true, confirmation and tick. These images are associated to memories we all remember from childhood. Thus the logo can provide feel good factors to the viewer.

a tick the nike logo is based on

The intentional story behind the brand is a lot more thoughtful and less known. Once the story is understood, the brand, the image and the company ethos makes sense. In Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory. The ‘swoosh’ stroke has evolved from ‘The Wing’ of Goddess Nike to symbolise the sound of speed and suggest movement. This story is cohesive with the brand.

goddess nike nike logo motivation

Importance of the story

A brand image is how customers actually perceive the brand. There can be differences between intent, the intention of the brand, and perception, how the brand is perceived. It’s the designers job to ensure that these gaps are as close together as can be giving the company more control over potential perception of the company. Potential gaps can arise and these can be a challenge to solve to reduce the gap. (brand vs logo)

Ensuring the brand story, brand perception and thought behind the logo align is key to designing a global and timeless logo. We encourage all our clients to think big and we design for international reach too. Designers should keep in mind that they could be designing the face of a international company and use creativeness to make sure perception and intent align. 


Some logos have an obvious meaning, some do not. Pursuing an abstract logo with hidden meanings should depend on a clients industry, B2C companies may choose to have a logo that allows the consumer to appreciate it’s art whereas a B2B company may choose a logo that is simple enough for other businesses to take it seriously and playful enough for consumers to trust the brand. Here are some of our logo designs with hidden meanings.

Adzvice Logoadzvice logo designed by startteck

Adzvice.com is a guidance & recommendations hub bridging the knowledge gap through blogs, events & podcasts.

Understanding the adzvice brand, we understood that good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard to bring life to their ideas. The people that do are those that have tips worth sharing.

We used a combination of concepts to create a custom brand  that is creative once understood but simple enough for people to appreciate it’s art.

It can be interpreted a as a head, a brain, a brain full of ideas and it gives the viewer the power to deduce his or her own meaning. We also wanted to give Adzvice it’s colour palette that draws attention yet is very modern and sleek.

adzvice logo meaning

all in the shape of a lower case ‘a’

Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion is a organisation that aims to motivate inspire and give practical advice on how people can pursue their passion in multiple industries. Their logo needed to tell their brand story as well as be attractive to businesses and their end consumer.

pursue your passion logo


We used the brand story that when you pursue your passion you go through a development process similar to the caterpillar to butterfly process, Metamorphosis. We wanted to create a brand using this concept. Something bold, yet shows the passion and creativeness of the brand.

The logo has

  • PYP in the icon
  • Shape of a butterfly
  • Monogram

Once the story is understood, it never leaves you and that’s what a hidden meaning logo achieves. To get a well thought logo for your business, get in touch charles@startteck.com or get 20% off using this logo link 

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