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The Simple Difference Between A Logo and Brand

difference between a brand or a logo for apple

The difference between a logo, brand identity and a brand.

As long as StartTeck has been running people have always contacted us using the terms ‘logo’, ‘branding’ and ‘brand identity’ interchangeably. It’s a common thought that they mean the same thing, but there is a big difference between a logo, brand identity and a brand. Here are their definitions.

difference between branding, brand identity and a logo explained

A logo

Simply put, a logo is the graphic symbol that represents a person, company or organisation.

A good logo can be of any shape or size, can be a Logotype (text-based logo) or it can be a Logomark (Icon-based logo, with possible text). What it must have, though, is a style and presentation that fits the company’s image. (check out to create a timeless logo)

A brand identity

A brand identity takes it a step further, simply put, a company’s brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. Not only does this include a logo, but also includes, tone, colours, tagline, typeface, all these are cohesively designed to show the value of the company and appeal directly to its company’s. Although these get confused with actual branding, it’s different.


A brand image is how customers actually perceive the brand. There can be differences between intent, so the intention of the brand, and perception, how the brand is perceived. It’s the designers job to ensure that these gaps are as close together as can be giving the company more control over potential perception of the company. Potential gaps can arise and these can be a challenge to solve to reduce the gap.

cohesive brand and logo example

Cohesive Branding


The Challenge

A brand encompasses the consumer’s complete experience with both the product or service and the company. This means that your branding must be cohesive inside and out. It’s always fascinating when a company gets a logo with us, only to use the new logo on old documents, flyers and web designs. Potentially, using new with the old can work, but more often than not it doesn’t as there are classes between perception and intent. These clashes arise due to new feel, font, typeface now has a completely new meaning to your customer and your brand should no longer being cohesive inside outside and out.

The challenge any company faces when trying to build a brand is to make sure that its identity matches its image as closely as possible. A negative gap between brand identity and brand image means a company is out of touch with market sentiment, which can make offering services or products more difficult and can even result in a loss of value on the company’s books.


Now you understand the difference between a logo, brand identity and a brand you know how important is for them to be designed with purpose. Your brand grows out of your logo, as that’s the first to creating a brand that your customers love and trust. A company’s brand is usually considered one of the most valuable assets on a company’s balance sheet. For that reason, put time and effort into making your branding beautiful.





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