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Top 10 Must Have UX Features For Every Sales Driven E-Commerce – Part 2

ux feautures laptop

In the previous article, we opened up the topic on the general UX features of a good converting website; this time we’ll focus on processes and nice and non-disruptive customer journey. From landing on the website to making the payment – the user should be treated as a guest in your kingdom, offered the best treatment of their life and have only memorable experience to share with friends and family. Just like when you return home from an exotic vacation you’ve been on, you only remember the times you were happy, and as you tell your friends about it, you want to go back.

  1. Short and relevant checkout process

Have you ever had to fill in a looong checkout form? I know it wasn’t pleasant and you were sighing while doing this. This is the exact feeling your user is experiencing if you decided to use a long checkout form with your business. Keep it as short as possible and relevant. Don’t ask for personal details that you don’t really need.

Example: Checkout flow 

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7 Low-Cost And Effective Ways To Promote Your Business

Have you ever had the thought that marketing efforts are costing you a lot of money? And you might be right, but failing at marketing will cost you a lot more than the initial budget. To optimize costs, we have put together a list of low-cost and effective ways to promote your business.

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3 Essentials of A fast Growing StartUp with Jason Ting

found growing startup appyparking

Understanding the lifeblood of a fast growing startup from the inside

AppyParking, a fast growing startup that helps you find parking bays, car parks, motorcycle, disabled and electric bays went from a £2 million valuation to a £5 million in about a year and a half. Raising over £1.5 million in January 2016 from investors. Jason Daniel Ting, was a founding member and was there from the beginning, aiding the growth first hand. He has put together the 3 essential tips for a fast growing startup.

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Customer Journey Map – The Customer Story That Every Brand Needs To Own

customer journey map board and timeline

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It gets DIFFICULT to see how your customers interact with your business from their eyes.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, there is a simple tool that you can use that instantly shows you every touch point a customer interacts with your brand.

This tool is called a Customer Journey Map.

“A Customer Journey map is a visual interpretation of an individual’s perspective of their relationship with an organisation brand. It is told from the customer’s perspective”   –

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Marketing Automation – A Beginner’s Guide

email campaigns with marketing automation

Is marketing automation suitable for your business?

To enable us to find an answer, let’s have a quick run-through of what automation does to business.

Every business in the modern times is automated in a way with the use of computers. The machine is used to do tasks that are repetitive and data-rich, tasks which will require more hands and minds to handle, such as attendance, payroll, reports and other data-based documents.

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How Much ROI Should Your Online Business Make?

ROI - coins-currency-investment-insurance

Let’s be frank about it, and let’s accept it.

We are in business because we want to make some money from it. Certainly, the more money we make, the better.

Of course, we are also in business for the customer. Whichever comes first in our rationalisation, it does not matter, since both of them are equally important.

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How To Market Health and Fitness To Millennials In 2017

selling health to millennials

Every year millions are invested in marketing to baby boomers due their higher disposable income. In 2013, 80 percent of retailers attributed nearly 50 percent of their sales to boomers. Until recently, millennials have been overlooked but in 2016, millennials are entering their peak consumption years.

Understanding the difference in how to market to millennials can be extremely important for your bottom line as times are changing. Baby boomers made shopping in shops popular with a high emphasis on customer service and face to face interaction, especially for health products like vitamins. As we move towards more of a technological age millennials are the market of the future now accounting for over 40% of all sales. Millennials are more likely to shop online and use word of mouth influence and digital technology to influence their decision making. These decisions are made in less time as millennials are more time conscious due to higher chance of working longer hours.

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14 Reasons Why Visitors Abandon Their Shopping Cart

A customer has put £10,000 into their shopping cart, then suddenly they abandon their shoping cart!


They were so close, yet so far, find out how to stop losing money now.

This is totally unbelievable and unforgivable!

70% of people will abandon their shopping cart!

If your business’ main channel of promotion and distribution is your website, depending on how your website is designed and configured, only 3 out of 10 visitors who have already opted into your cart window will pay, the 7 remaining will abandon your cart!

This is the plain ugly painful truth, according to Baymard Institute, an independent web usability research institute in the UK dedicated to documenting actionable online user experience since 2009. The glaring data was compiled from 22 different statistical researches on e-commerce cart abandonment.

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What is a Website Audit and Why Do I Need It?

seo ux

If you have a business, there are at least two possible representations of it: your physical store and your virtual site. Your physical location is what everybody calls your brick-and-mortar site established on the ground where your products and services may be experienced through any of the five senses prior to purchase. Your virtual site is what everybody calls your website established on the Web where your products and services are presented visually but may be experienced only after a purchase.

As the Internet gets more embedded in our human consciousness, more businesses are opting to maintain the website as the main access channel, with the physical site serving as a support facility. This being the case, the website therefore becomes the principal instrument for achieving overall business objectives. Hence, the question:

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Actionable Tips for Researching the Right Buyer Persona

researching buyer persona

Whatever business you’re in, whether it is a product or a service, you have a person whom you are targeting and you call this person your prospective buyer or prospective customer. As soon as this person adopts your proposition, he drops the “prospective” description and  graduates to the title of buyer or customer.

The Buyer’s Silhouette
Buyer persona is the characterization of your prospective buyer into a high-resolution high-definition silhouette so that your marketing and sales efforts are not wasted on prospective customers who have no need for your product or service but conversely maximized to zero in on those who are potential users.

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