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Branding Is Putting Your Customer First!

Branding and consumer supremacy

“It’s not me, it’s you!” What!? Yes, it’s us, it’s the consumers who rule as kings.

In a healthy market economy, only products and services that offer pleasant experiences will perform well and that is thanks to the users decisions.

Let’s think a bit about what we did today: the coffee we drank, the food we ate, what we looked at and what we drove. We do all these actions with the help of …well, brands.

Some of them make our lives easier, others make it safer.

BRAND psychology




Let’s talk about what makes our lives easier.

Each of these brands become part of our daily  life, part of our personality and good brands know that. And they exploit it.

It’s not about their product, it’s about how their product can make the lives of consumers easier, more enjoyable.

Feelings, emotions, memories are the stimuli the brand needs to touch on and emphasise. The more natural and sincere it is, the more it gains our trust faster.

So the images that a brand uses in promoting a product or service is all the more successful as the consumer places it in the spotlight.

So, when building a brand image, try to think about these aspects first and see how the product / service qualities will be outlined. Additionally, the brand will be easier for the target audience to understand, and communication with the consumer will be more direct and easy as it will be identified and found in that story, which will become its story.

What should we focus on on the visual side?

No, we need both visually and auditively type of stimulus to get the message right.

We will now focus on the elements that we need to look at on the visual side, for the visual should be able to convey the message without audio, at least in most cases.

Once a brand analysis has been made where the most important terms, ie what the product is and where it is addressed, the message and attitude (tone and expression) have to be identified. Once set, the analysis can go further and identify the following:


Colors play a primary role in receiving the message psychologically. This is because each of us is “set” to associate a color with a stimulus or feeling.

Of course, these stimuli are not 100% universally valid, but we must take into account the cultural area in which we are targeting.

For example, the colour red for most easterners means prosperity, fertility, while for westerners, in most cases, it means danger.

color psychology


Shape psychology is vital in describing an element. This is because shape compliments the color in the visual description.

Consequently viewing a sharp object in a certain context spells out other stimuli altogether than visualizing a curved one with fluid shapes.

And here the description area is varied, from objects and logos to characters / characters.

the psychology of shapes


Being the most abstract form of communication representation, the character of the letter is based on the two above mentioned and in turn plays an essential role in brand communication.

Thus, it has to continue the same criteria for transmitting the message, but as luck would have it, there are plenty of choices. However, sometimes the vast collection of existing fonts is not enough for branding specialists, who decide in certain circumstances to build a new one. The custom Font

Some examples for inspiration

Below we have prepared some examples of brands that succeeded in positioning the consumer first and making the whole communication strategy, whether verbal, auditory or visual, around it.



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