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The Simple Difference Between A Logo and Brand

difference between a brand or a logo for apple

The difference between a logo, brand identity and a brand.

As long as StartTeck has been running people have always contacted us using the terms ‘logo’, ‘branding’ and ‘brand identity’ interchangeably. It’s a common thought that they mean the same thing, but there is a big difference between a logo, brand identity and a brand. Here are their definitions.

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Ultimate Guide To Starting A Business In 2017

guide to starting a business 2017 image


Millions of people will be starting a business 2017, 90% will fail. To help increase your chances of success we spoke to over 50 online entrepreneurs on everything including, ideation, how to put together a team, acquiring your first few customers and top mistakes and put together a guide to help you succeed.

The full eBook can be found here – eBook guide, here are the first few chapters to get you started

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High Cost Of Cheap Website Hires – A Horror Story

 Cheap Website Hires Can Kill Your Bottom Line

If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. But before you rush out and get a cheap website done by just anyone, understand there can be a high cost of cheap website hires.

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Top 10 Must Have UX Features For Every Sales Driven E-Commerce – Part 2

ux feautures laptop

In the previous article, we opened up the topic on the general UX features of a good converting website; this time we’ll focus on processes and nice and non-disruptive customer journey. From landing on the website to making the payment – the user should be treated as a guest in your kingdom, offered the best treatment of their life and have only memorable experience to share with friends and family. Just like when you return home from an exotic vacation you’ve been on, you only remember the times you were happy, and as you tell your friends about it, you want to go back.

  1. Short and relevant checkout process

Have you ever had to fill in a looong checkout form? I know it wasn’t pleasant and you were sighing while doing this. This is the exact feeling your user is experiencing if you decided to use a long checkout form with your business. Keep it as short as possible and relevant. Don’t ask for personal details that you don’t really need.

Example: Checkout flow 

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Top 10 UX features every sales driven e-commerce website has to have. Part 1

what makes good website user experience UX image

Customers are the investors of your business. If you provide them value, they will nurture your business through their investment.” Abbas Rajani – Inbound and SEO Strategist

Entrepreneurs nowadays, focus more on their marketing rather than other aspects. Design area is mostly ignored or only considered to make your website look creative. It should, however, be done by taking usability principles and user experience into consideration. It’s needless to say that 80% of online shops are failing. How much is bad design and user experience in this percentage? A lot! We would say that more than a half of those website are failing due to bad user experience and poor user interface.

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7 Low-Cost And Effective Ways To Promote Your Business

Have you ever had the thought that marketing efforts are costing you a lot of money? And you might be right, but failing at marketing will cost you a lot more than the initial budget. To optimize costs, we have put together a list of low-cost and effective ways to promote your business.

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3 Essentials of A fast Growing StartUp with Jason Ting

found growing startup appyparking

Understanding the lifeblood of a fast growing startup from the inside

AppyParking, a fast growing startup that helps you find parking bays, car parks, motorcycle, disabled and electric bays went from a £2 million valuation to a £5 million in about a year and a half. Raising over £1.5 million in January 2016 from investors. Jason Daniel Ting, was a founding member and was there from the beginning, aiding the growth first hand. He has put together the 3 essential tips for a fast growing startup.

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Customer Journey Map – The Customer Story That Every Brand Needs To Own

customer journey map board and timeline

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It gets DIFFICULT to see how your customers interact with your business from their eyes.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, there is a simple tool that you can use that instantly shows you every touch point a customer interacts with your brand.

This tool is called a Customer Journey Map.

“A Customer Journey map is a visual interpretation of an individual’s perspective of their relationship with an organisation brand. It is told from the customer’s perspective”   –

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Marketing Automation – A Beginner’s Guide

email campaigns with marketing automation

Is marketing automation suitable for your business?

To enable us to find an answer, let’s have a quick run-through of what automation does to business.

Every business in the modern times is automated in a way with the use of computers. The machine is used to do tasks that are repetitive and data-rich, tasks which will require more hands and minds to handle, such as attendance, payroll, reports and other data-based documents.

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How Much ROI Should Your Online Business Make?

ROI - coins-currency-investment-insurance

Let’s be frank about it, and let’s accept it.

We are in business because we want to make some money from it. Certainly, the more money we make, the better.

Of course, we are also in business for the customer. Whichever comes first in our rationalisation, it does not matter, since both of them are equally important.

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