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Major Keys

WHY Brand Matters AND The Real Reasons You Need One

Say you’re about to launch a new company or a new product. Say you want to start with a strong brand. Or maybe you’ve been around for a while, and , just like in your house, you’re about to do some touchups – maybe change the drapes, a bit of brand repair here and there, brand extension, rebranding.

No matter your starting point, if branding action is on your agenda, this and the subsequent articles we plan on publishing should point you in the right direction. It will be an overview of the why does brands matter, why you need one, and how establishing a brand is actually a value multiplier for your product.

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Major Keys

Branding or Marketing, Which Is More Important?


The mindset in the branding industry should not only be limited to determining the effects of the end “product”, but it should go on to find solutions.

Why find solutions?

Normally, companies choose to allocate budgets for easy to track results, results with fast return on investment and high KPI. Does it work? Sure…sometimes!

Yet this is a normal reaction only in a market where slow cash flow makes long-term investments harder.

The lack of formal education when it comes to management of intangible assets (customer and supplier relationships, marketing rights, brand equity, etc) is also an issue.

Many see branding as being “something something marketing”, and even more see it as a cost centre, and not a driver of sales.

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Branding Is Putting Your Customer First!

Branding and consumer supremacy

“It’s not me, it’s you!” What!? Yes, it’s us, it’s the consumers who rule as kings.

In a healthy market economy, only products and services that offer pleasant experiences will perform well and that is thanks to the users decisions.

Let’s think a bit about what we did today: the coffee we drank, the food we ate, what we looked at and what we drove. We do all these actions with the help of …well, brands.

Some of them make our lives easier, others make it safer.

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Top Renewable Energy Logos 2018


FERC’s most recent Energy Infrastructure Update showed that in the first three months of this year, renewable energy comprised nearly 95% of new power-generating capacity. Renewable energy will be big business this year and we’re on the lookout for great renewable energy logos. 

The cost of burning fossil fuels

A new study by the International Monetary Fund puts the total cost of fossil fuel subsidies at approximately US $10 million a minute globally. 

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No Lord Sugar, Still Sweet

No Lord Sugar, Still Sweet

  • Startteck is challenging people to be creative in thinking of ways to turn £1000 into a fruitful business
  • The best ideas brought to the attention of the brand will win the start-up fund
  • The criteria is simple & anyone can join in, the idea just needs to be creative & viable
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Official Top 10

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Logos 2018

cryptocurrency logos designs

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has been in the news a lot in the last year. If you’re meticulous like we are, you can’t help but think some of the cryptocurrency logos are amazingly designed.

Branding Is important In the Cryptocurrency Space

When a new coin has a an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), investors will look at the whit-paper, technology and story. Additionally, a key thing thing that investors look at, either subconsciously or consciously is the cyrptocurrely branding and logo.

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The Different Types Of Logos & Examples

Every company wants to be perceived for the values it was set out to show. That’s why choosing the right logo from the different types of logos is a HUGE DECISION.

Firstly, it’s important to know the key differences between a logo, brand identity and a brand.

Types of logos

different types of logos

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Having a landing page is important to help give viewers information without bombarding them with too much information at once.

Landing pages have been used for years to get people excited about a new product, draw people to a specific event or collect emails for a new marketing campaigns.

There are 3 types main types of landing pages

  1. splash pages,
  2. landing pages
  3. squeeze pages. Each serve their own purpose, for the sake of this article we will focus on landing pages for new website/ product launches.
landing page design example

Branding & Landing Page Design by StartTeck

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Hidden Meanings Behind Our Logo Designs

Hidden Meanings Behind StartTeck’s Logo Designs.

We believe each logo should tell a story, either a conscious one or a subconscious one. These stories can be understood as insider secrets once explained or the logo triggers a response in the viewer.

For example, the hidden meaning behind the Nike logo is a story and a double meaning. When you see the Nike logo you notice the famous Swoosh. The swoosh could potentially trigger certain associations in our brains.

Nike logo meaning

nike logo history and progression

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2017 Top Ten Beauty Logos in the UK


2017 Top Ten Beauty Logos in the UK

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This statement holds true but with logos, a beautiful logo is a beautiful logo and there some universal qualities that make a top beauty logo.

To be in the top ten of any list is not easy, particularly in the beauty industry that has risen to a global worth of $330 Billion. Naturally, when and where growth is good, one can expect competition to become fierce especially at the top where the big and mighty players joggle for positions to be in the highest rungs.

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