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2017 Top Ten Beauty Logos in the UK


2017 Top Ten Beauty Logos in the UK

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This statement holds true but with logos, a beautiful logo is a beautiful logo and there some universal qualities that make a top beauty logo.

To be in the top ten of any list is not easy, particularly in the beauty industry that has risen to a global worth of $330 Billion. Naturally, when and where growth is good, one can expect competition to become fierce especially at the top where the big and mighty players joggle for positions to be in the highest rungs.

Being On Top Of Branding

Being among the leaders indicates an exceptional quality and skill: the masterful adherence to proven practices in a creative pursuit called branding.

Of course, we understand that branding encompasses the whole range of activities towards creating a lasting positive image for your company in the minds of the customers. Inside this creative pursuit lies the innocent-looking logo that stares every viewer in the eye.

guy on top of mountain showing leadership

We adopted and endorsed the results of established ranking institutions such as L2 Inc. and other rating platforms. L2 Inc. is a global member-based business intelligence service that benchmarks the digital performances of its member brands. Every year, its Digital IQ Index rates the digital performances of member companies based on the brands’ site and e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile adaptation, and social media effectiveness.

Adopting a Field

Adopting the field created by L2 Inc. and other raters does not necessarily mean that their top ten brands are automatically the top ten logos, since their evaluation and measure were derived from four dimensions. We are aware that a brand’s performance is substantially influenced by user experience of the products.

Our selection of the 2017 Top Ten Beauty Logos in the UK is focused on the logos of the brands belonging to the adopted field. In a sense, all the top ten brands included in this field are all top companies by third-party measure and acclamations and not by simple subjective choices by one or two individuals.

Subjectivity as Armour

We will claim this subjectivity, as we have done in our Top Ten Startup Logos in the UK, riding on our professional experience and customer engagement in logo design. Besides, we all know that a customer’s choice of a brand is but a subjective decision. For us to do a subjective evaluation will only mean a refined execution of a customer’s choice based on our long experience with our clients.

For this evaluation of top beauty logos, we shall be focusing on the logo elements of simplicity, uniqueness, versatility and recall-ability. We will assume that all the brands in our field are on equal footing when it comes to timelessness, appropriateness and logo execution.

The 2017 Top Ten Beauty Logos in the UK

The following are the Top Ten Beauty Logos in the UK for 2017:

  1. Benefit Cosmetics

benefit cosmetic logo

  1. The Body Shop

the body shop logo

  1. Clinique

Clinique logo design

  1. Dior

dior beauty logo

  1. YSL Beauty

YSL Logo

  1. Lancome

lancome paris logo

  1. Bobbi Brown

bobbi brown logo

  1. Clarins

clarins logo

  1. MAC Cosmetics


mac makeup logo



  1. Charlotte Tilbury

charlotte tilbury logo

How the Selection Was Made

We picked out the ten brands that have the simplest, most unique, versatile and recallable logos based on those descriptive qualities of simplicity, uniqueness, versatility, and recall-ability. The brands were evaluated based on these qualities using a scoring range of 0-10 for each. Total maximum score would be 40. Font is crucial in creating a top beauty logo.

Breaking Ties by Consistency

There were a few brands how got the same score, we chose the winner by looking for consistency. For instance, top slot was a toss between Benefit Cosmetics and The Body Shop. The slot for third place was a fight among YSL, Dior and Clinique. The seventh slot was a choice between Clarins and Bobbi Brown.

The ties were settled through an examination of the brands’ digital ranking consistency for the last three years. We assumed that a brand’s ability to remain in the top ten ranking is substantially a function of its logo’s power to stay in the consciousness of its customers.

The Logo as a Critical Element in Branding

We have always believed that a logo is just an element in the creative work involved in developing a brand. There are other elements, some more important than the rest, but all performing specific functions in creating a brand image. Here are ten elements that come into play as a company goes to market to distribute its products or services, arranged according to our subjective analysis:

  1. Customer service
  2. Website
  3. Site dynamism
  4. Logo
  5. Tagline
  6. Marketing materials
  7. Ad copy
  8. Consistency of message
  9. Image
  10. Corporate culture

The logo should be a timeless logo. In our work with clients, we always make part of the creative process a discussion of these elements as they are arranged. We find this commonality of understanding very important in developing what will truly make for a most effective logo design.




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